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Many working moms feel too exhausted to get up off the couch and have fun with their kids which can lead you to feel guilty and like you are not enough.  What stops exhausted working moms getting energy back?

What I want you to start thinking about is that working moms shouldn’t feel selfish or guilty for taking care of themselves.  When you take care of yourself, you can take better care of your kids and your family.

The thing is that most exhausted working moms know that it’s important to take care of themselves, but don’t.  Why is this?

3 reasons why exhausted working moms don’t take care of themselves:



  • Get up
  • Get the kids ready, fed, and out the door while trying to get yourself ready (this is more when you are working, with COVID-19 this might have changed a bit)
  • Spend a full day working
  • Come home, get supper, feed the kids (maybe listening to several “I don’t like it”), help them with homework and get them to bed
  • Then if there is any energy left, tidy the house.  If there isn’t you flop on the couch and binge watch Netflix

You have a lot on the go and feel overwhelmed.  You feel like you don’t stop, but can’t get anything done and definitely don’t have it in you to think about how to start taking care of yourself.

Have you ever said “I will start tomorrow”?  Procrastination can certainly be a sign of overwhelm.

The thing is (and I know this is a bit of a cart and horse scenario), taking care of yourself will help you with this overwhelmed feeling.


How many moms feel like they’ve tried it all and nothing works?

This is where fear can come in and this can lead to most objections.

I hear it all the time, many exhausted moms are afraid that if they try to make changes:

  • it won’t last and it will be a waste of time
  • you won’t have support from your family, you’ll have have to make several meals and it will be an uphill battle (linked to overwhelm)
  • you’ve tried cookie cutter diets before and you just go back to your old ways
  • you just fear that you can’t do it and can’t take the hit to your self-confidence so don’t even start.

This is when you make excuses to not even try, because you feel like “what’s the point”.  Usually when people say they don’t have time, don’t have the money / it’s too expensive (but then go on vacation a month later), have to check with their spouse, etc. there is something else going on and it is usually fear-based.

Don’t know where to start

This is kind of linked to both fear and overwhelm, but sometimes when you want to make a change and you feel it is daunting it’s simply because you don’t know where to start.

You want to eat better, exercise more, clean up the house, do things with the kids, meditate, start a healthy mindset practice, etc.

These are all BIG tasks, of course you feel overwhelmed.

What you can do right now

Before you start on the path of making changes, there are a couple of steps you need to take:

  1. Look at where you are vs. how you want to feel (this will help you with steps)
  2. Make peace with where you are.  Accept that you are where you are and make peace with it so that you can move forward.
  3. Pick 1 small step you can easily take that move you forward.  Small steps will make a big difference and can become a long-term habit.  It might be simple like figure out how much water you drink and add in 1 cup a day or make sure you eat at least 1 fruit or vegetable at each meal.

This doesn’t have to be extremely difficult, but if you want a coach to guide you down the path to feeling like an excited energetic mom who is a good role model and keep you accountable along the way so that you don’t have to waste precious time figuring it out yourself then click here right now to book a consultation.


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