Why it’s important for the dad in your life to lose the beer belly and take care of his health

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Moms, for father’s day I decided that I would do a Blog on a topic that to help the father's in our lives (whether it's our own father, our significant other, our child's father/step-father, etc). 

What I am talking about is The Beer Belly.....

I don’t normally concentrate on weight loss, losing weight is a wonderful side-effect of taking care of yourself.

Having said that, being overweight is a major risk for disease, especially if it is in the belly region.  Visceral fat is the fat that is deep around the organs in your belly region and can be associated with a higher risk of heart attack, bad cholesterol, Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and other health issues.

Did you know that visceral fat also responds to and produces hormones, and grows in response to insulin and cortisol which is a stress hormone??  So, basically stress can increase his fat levels.

Did you know that in the US, it is estimated that over 280,00 deaths annually can be attributed to obesity and obesity-related illnesses?

So why is it important to reduce his visceral fat and take care of his health?  By taking care of himself, he can increase his chances of living a thriving active lifestyle, playing with his children/grandchildren, travelling, spending time in the outdoors, playing sports, seeing friends and family, etc.  Obviously there is no guarantee, but he is giving himself the best chance possible to live a long wonderful energetic life doing what is important to him and with the people he loves.

How does he discover if he has visceral fat?  Some easy ways to guess is if he has a high BMI (there are tons of online calculators to determine this), if he is “apple shaped”, or if he measures his waist and it is bigger than his hips (for men the ratio should be less than 1 to 1).  Also for men, if his waist measures more than 40 inches there may be an increased risk.

So, what are some ways that they can reduce their belly fat and improve their health?

  • Clean up your diet, cut out or reduce toxins, preservatives, alcohol, junk foods, sugar, fake foods, caffeine, etc.
  • Eat real live whole foods
  • Make sure your digestive system is in good working order
  • Drink lots of fresh pure water
  • Get ample good quality sleep
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Increase your exercise levels.  Even though exercise doesn’t burn a huge amount of calories, it helps endorphins and decreases cortisol levels.  It also helps blood and oxygen circulation.

It is never too late for the fathers in our lives to start taking care of their health.  This father’s day it is the best gift you can give to them.

FYI, over the past number of years, this has been an increasing issue for women as well...

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