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This is unprecedented times.

If you are an exhausted mom who normally works but now finds yourself at home with your kids this could be a pretty big change for you, especially if you have to still work from home.

I get it.

As a working mom myself, it certainly has been a pretty big change which is why we have to be in this together.

Normally, you go to work and your kids are in daycare or school and now there is all of these expectations that you need to homeschool your kids and keep them engaged while working from home and keeping up the household.

How are you supposed to do all of this while staying sane?

First of all take a deep breath, right now...  I'll wait.

Ok, so don't stress because I'm here to help and support you.

When your kids get older, you don't want them to remember this as a stressful time, but as a time when they got to stay home and have fun.  The hardest part is trying to balance everything.

I wanted to create this guide for you so that you could maintain some of your sanity during this time because the reality is that stress won't help you.

Stress affects:

  • Your immune system
  • Your weight (especially your visceral fat)
  • Your sleep
  • Emotional regulation
  • Your ability to digest food and absorb nutrients
  • and so much more

So, we don't want you stressed out, do we?

So, here is how you and your kids can have an awesome time.

One main thing that we are doing is that we aren't scheduling anything (other than food and sleep) but also trying to make sure that they aren't just watching Netflix.

The kids are doing a good bit of just imaginative play and while they are getting along and happy, I am letting them do that.  While a little conflict is ok because it helps them learn how to deal with conflict but if they are just picking at each other or it gets out of hand, then I step in with my back up plan.


There are so many free activities and resources online right now that you can take advantage of.  We have joined a daily Lego challenge with a group of friends but there are also a ton of museums, libraries, aquariums and zoos that have free lessons right now.

My little girl's school has sent some resources for math and reading (you can check with your child's teacher to see if they have any suggestions), scholastic has free online resources, you can get free printables and so much more.

We also order a monthly STEM inspired craft kit (Kiwi Crate) which the kids love and many craft stores (ie Michaels) while let you buy craft items online (a lot of stores have discounts right now)


Kids have a lot of energy and need exercise.

If you can get them outside (while maintaining social distancing) for at least 20 minutes a day, this would be fantastic.  The fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun will do them wonders (Vitamin D is actually a great help when it comes to boosting your immune system and the sun is the best place to get it).  Again you can look online for cool ideas like environmentally friendly sidewalk puffy paints, kick a ball, write nice sidewalk messages for your neighbourhood, ride a bike (if it's nice where you are), or even just go for a walk.  Bonus, this is good for your energy, immune system and clarity too.

If you have a day where you can't get outside, then there are tons of ideas for inside like GoNoodle, Cosmic Kids Yoga and I am sure more.

Healthy Habits and Life Skills

This is also such an opportunity to teach them healthy habits and life skills.

When kids are in school, they don't get much of a chance to learn many healthy habits and life skills, so what better time to help them with this.  Even if you are working from home, you are likely able to take a little break and get them involved in making something and teaching them the importance of eating real foods.

Since we've been home, we've made yogurt drops, banana avocado cookies, granola bars and brownie muffins on top of our regular meals.  We focus on eating healthy real food as much as possible, but sometimes it is nice to have a treat.  The thing is that you can teach your kids that even a treat can be healthy, can be easy to make and you can get them involved which will mean so much to them.

The yogurt drops we made we super easy (actually my daughter pretty much made them by herself).  We basically just mixed a little bit of vanilla and mashed up blueberries in plain sugar-free full-fat yogurt (look at the ingredients to make sure it is all real ingredients) and then made little drops on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and put it in the freezer.  The kids love them.

The other recipes I have in my "Healthy and Easy Nut Free School Snacks Your Kids Will Love" recipe book.  Because we have to be in this together and I want to help you out, I'm going to offer the recipe book for 50% while we are all on lock-down so that you have a fun activity to do with your kids.  You can grab your copy and get on my newsletter here, just use promo code "HOME" to get your discount:

If you have any other activities, let's share them in the comments below so that we can help each other out!

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