Hey Momma!!  

You want to be healthy, have your energy back and feel like yourself again.  You want to play with your kids and not just feel bagged out at the end of the day….  You want to feel AMAZING!!!



it can be hard sometimes to know where to start...  


I mean there is just so much…..

So much information

So many opinions

So many options



There is also so little time

And so little energy


Am I right?


This can be with anything I suppose.  Take for instance this blog.

I haven’t really known where to start, so I didn’t... for a long time.  I avoided it, concentrated on other things, pretended it wasn’t there….

But you know, at some point we have to say no more excuses and we just have to start.

And you know, I get it….  I know how it feels to be too tired, to have brain fog (Mommy Brain anyone?), to not feel like myself and just want to veg and watch Netflix instead of doing the things that need to get done or that I know will make me feel like myself again.

I have been there….  (and like with this Blog)  I would avoid it, make excuses, concentrate on other things, and not really believe that I could do it….

But….  There’s a better way, isn’t there?  We all know there is….

So what is it?  Where do we start?  Do we overhaul our diet, start a giant new exercise regime/meditation practice/etc?

Nope!  You have enough on the go with little people to take care of and a massive change isn’t sustainable.


I have 2 places where I would start:

  1. Figure out why you are stuck, what is the story you are telling yourself?  
  2. Start small:
    1. Start with one little change (can you add in 1 glass of water a day or cut creamer out of your coffee?)
    2. Make it an easy one, something that you can easily do, get a win and create a habit
    3. Only make one little change at a time.  Just think, 1 change a month is 12 new habits a year!!!  Whoa!
    4. And give yourself a break mentally, as my coach says: “Stop “shoulding” all over yourself”


I would love to hear from you, send me an email (Kelly@KellyRRyan.com) telling me:

  • What is one little change that you can make today?
  • What is keeping you stuck?

Take Care,


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