Is this what your day is like?

You are busy all day: working, taking care of kids, picking up after little ones, cooking supper... when do you have time for yourself?

I remember feeling the same way.

I spent all of my time doing everything for everyone else that there was nothing left for me.  There was no:

  • energy
  • happiness
  • fun
  • desire to do anything

So, what would I do?  I would plop on the couch and veg, then stay up way too late and feel exhausted the next day.  I would feel even worse if my little guy woke up at night.

I felt like I was in a vicious cycle that I couldn't get out of.

But I knew I didn't want to feel anymore, so I found a way to take care of myself through diet and habit change so that I could intentionally take care of myself.

There are 5 things I did so that I could have more "me time" and work to feel more energetic and like a better mom to my kids.


  1. Start the night before:  go to bed early, turn off electronics (blue light affects sleep), read, get a bath, get what you need set up for the next day
  2. Wake up early: (Me time to have a cup of tea, meditate, practice gratitude, set the tone for the day, learn)
  3. Drink Water: if you are chronically dehydrated (you are also the most dehydrated in the morning) this could lead you to have no energy, have headaches, feel foggy and more, drinking water wakes up your body and your brain, helps with energy, gets everything working and kicks you into gear
  4. Exercise: Gets your blood flowing, oxygenates your brain to help with clarity, increases endorphins which helps your mood and also helps you sleep
  5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast: You will feel better, have more energy, be set up for success and be able to handle things that come your way with grace and ease.


Don't try to do all of this at once or else it won't be sustainable.

Start small, create a habit. 

Start by getting up 30 minutes earlier, do this for a month, then increase to 1 hour, and then 1.5 hours until you are happy with where you are. 

Start with just getting up early, drink water and choose 1 thing to do (exercise, meditate, have a quiet cup of tea, read a bit) or a few things for a couple of minutes, you can do anything for 2 minutes, then increase.

If you start doing this, you will feel accomplished, like you did something, you achieved something (Celebrate this!).  Gives you a chance to wake up so you don’t feel groggy and confused.

If you start making these simple changes, you will notice a difference quickly!

Do you want to do more to get your energy back so you can have fun with your kids?  Make sure you grab your copy of my Top 10 Energy Foods for Exhausted Moms

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