Top 6 Ideas for Gifts for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is coming up, which is obviously a day where we celebrate moms and everything they do for their loved ones.

A lot of times moms will get things like:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Flowers
  • Chocolate
  • And then go on with their day like a normal Sunday….

These are nice ideas, but maybe there is something better….

Whether you are a mom or celebrating a mom in your life (or both), perhaps the gift of health, energy, clarity, and a general feeling of awesomeness would be better?

You see, moms do soooo much ALL THE TIME….  AND then put themselves last….

So, instead of just spending money on whatever, Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to figure out what would “fill her cup”, because we can’t pour from an empty cup…  

Once we know what would fill Mom’s cup, then encouraging them to take care of themselves throughout the year is imperative….  Because just one day a year doesn’t cut it.

So, what are my top 6 ideas for Mother’s Day?  Start by asking her what she needs (or if you are the mom, start by asking yourself what you need), but some things that are great self care practices are:

  1. Daily meditation ritual (the Calm app can help with this)
  2. Daily Gratitude/journaling ritual (journal)
  3. Relaxation (spa, bath, reading)
  4. Help/Time (help with regular household chores/children duties, alone time for her to think)
  5. Ways of getting back to herself (something she loves that is just for her, activity, hobby, etc.)
  6. Health and Wellness (gym, exercise time, meal planning, health and wellness specialist)

There are certainly a number of ways that you can help Mom feel awesome and appreciated….

Because Mother’s Day is coming up, I decided that I would offer a Mother’s Day special.  If you know (or are) an exhausted working mom who wants

  • Her energy back,
  • To feel like she doesn’t have Brain Fog,
  • To feel like herself again and
  • To feel awesome

Then you HAVE to get her a 2 Hour Re-Energize session to help her gain clarity on her why, help her let go of the guilt of putting herself first and helping her understand what habits she can start to change around food and time.

And the great thing is that from now until May 12, 2019 you can get $100 off by entering coupon code Mom2019 and I will also include my Top 10 Energy Boosting Food for Exhausted Working Moms guide.

Click the button now to get Mom the best gift, help her feel awesome!

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