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1) You get up in the morning feeling exhausted,
2) You just start to get stuff done and it’s nap time or bed time for your kids
3) You think "I get a couple of hours, do I go for a nap, or tackle my huge to-do list?"
4) You end up going to sleep because you feel so exhausted.

This then leads to overwhelm because you didn't have the energy to tackle your to-do list!




You are taking the first step to feeling recharged, refreshed and re-energized!!

- Healthy and alive (Remember what it was like to jump out of bed and feel amazing? Yeah, that's possible!),
- Full of energy,
- Excited that you will be there for your family down the road,
- Get your child-like energy back,
- Like you can “slow down”and enjoy the “simple joys” more,
- More satisfied, and relaxed and
- Like you again.... you've got this!

2 Hour Re-Energize Call

2-hour in depth call where we help you gain clarity on your why, help you let go of the guilt of putting yourself first and helping you understand what habits you can start to change around your food and time.  Basically if you have been doing the same thing over and over and over again it is hard to change these habits because 1) you don’t necessarily know the things that are stopping you and 2) change does take time, but it’s a lot faster when it is with someone like me who is trained to see things you can’t see.

Ready to get your energy back and feel like yourself again?

Book your 2-hour Re-Energize call today!


This is for you if you...
- Are ready to get your energy back
- Want to feel like you again
-, Are ready to have a guide to make it easy for you
- Are done with information overload
- Want to understand how YOUR body works

How it works:
You will begin your journey by defining how you want to feel, how you want to look and where you want to go.

In order to know where you are, we will need to find out where you are beginning. We will assess your nutrition and lifestyle.

Then, you will go through my proprietary 5-step system made to help shift your nutrition, mindset and lifestyle with changes that will enable you to reach your goals with ease.

After this program, you will...
- Feel more healthy, alive and in control of your health,
- Be more attuned with your body and understand how to meet its needs,
- Feel more like yourself again (you're ready for a fun-filled weekend with your kids)!


This is for you if you...
- Are relatively healthy, but ready to take it to the next level
- Find your energy is up and down, but you want a high level of energy
- Are researching but there is so much mis-Information out there that you don't know what is true and what is not.
- Are ready for specific knowledge that is pertinent to high performance in your body.

How it works:
You are already relatively healthy but you are ready to make the small changes to take your health to its optimal level.

We will work backwards to figure out where you are now and where you want to go. We will look at your unique needs, and what is stopping you from moving forward (and help you break through to the next level in your health and well-being)

We will do this by checking out your nutrition, your lifestyle, and your mindset and then make the small tweaks you need to rise up, energize and feel amazing!

After the program you will...
- Feel a new level of high energy and clarity in your mind,
- Be more equipped to make decisions you know are best for you and your body,
- Know how to continue on the path of your optimal health.


This is for you if you...
- Are ready for a lifestyle makeover
- Have been contemplating change for a long time and you know it is time to take action
- You want someone to guide you so that this change finally will happen for you (no more googling for you!)
- You have been on and off the health wagon and you are ready to get on and stay on!

How it works:
We begin with understanding where you want to go on this journey and what are the most important elements for you.

There are a lot of things that we will have to look at and we will assess what the most important pieces are to start with.

We have a lot to cover so we will start by discovering where we need to begin for your unique needs.

After the program you will...
- Feel like a whole new version of yourself (who knew you could feel this good? - HINT: I did!),
- Understand how your body is designed to take care of itself and thrive and how to give it what it needs to do so!
- Have new levels of confidence and self worth from taking such good care of yourself.

Ready to transform your health? Here's how you do it!

Step 1: Set up your Free Revitalizing Consultation to see how we can work together

Step 2: Tell me which package best suits you

Step 3: We set up payment and a contract

Step 4: We set up your first Meeting

Step 5: We kick-ass!