So many exhausted moms who just want their energy back so that they can have fun with their kids tell me that they don’t know where to start.

I remember after I had my little guy, I was so absolutely exhausted.  I would get mad at the kids for fighting, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and I certainly didn’t have the energy to be the fun mama I wanted to be.

One day, I remember I was just so tired and couldn’t handle the fighting anymore while I was trying to make supper after a long day that I just yelled at the kids.

And I felt so terrible.  It wasn’t their fault that I was exhausted and overwhelmed…

But I felt so guilty that I just sat on one of their little Lego chairs and started crying.  I knew things had to change, this wasn’t how I wanted my children to grow up, I wanted them to grow up in a happy and fun house not one where their mom was constantly stressed.

I knew I had to go back to my training in Natural Nutrition to make things better, but I felt overwhelmed because there were sooo many changes to make.  I knew I had to work on my nutrition, exercise and mindset, but where to start?

So what was the first thing I had to do to get my energy back?

Before I worked on my diet, before I started exercising again, and before I started to work on my mindset and stress levels, I had to decide and commit.

I had to make a commitment to myself and decide that my health and  my children’s happiness was so important to me that I would make the changes and I would continue down the path even during the tough times.  I had to decide that if I had a bad day, that I wouldn’t let it derail me and that no matter how long it took I would start that day and stick with it (because change takes time).

This is why I decided to create the free “Mama, Get You Energy Back” 5 Day Challenge.  If you are an exhausted mom who is ready to do the work to start getting your energy back, then this challenge is for you.

We start on May 11, so make sure you grab you spot today.

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