I love going on vacation!  

I love just getting away, whether it is just to the cabin, camping, a stay-cation or actually getting on a plane and flying somewhere.

I am from an island on the east coast of Canada where you see a lot of people fly south this time of the year.

There are so many great things about travelling, you and your family:

  • gets to have a new experience,
  • can have a great chance to have fun and bond,
  • tries different things (like different foods and activities),
  • gets away and relaxes (great for the mindset!),
  • learns about different people and new cultures,
  • would have a boost to your mood,
  • get to experience the excitement of planning and looking forward to it,
  • will likely be active and get some Vitamin D (sunshine) while on vacation,
  • and so much more!

But there can be some downsides to family vacations…

  • Your sleep can be thrown off because of time changes and flight times,
  • You may not eat as well as normal,
  • It is easy to become dehydrated, especially when you are flying,
  • You may experience other health challenges such as:
    • headaches,
    • poor digestion,
    • puffiness/swelling,
  • Stress (you want everything to go perfect),
  • And more

Now, I certainly think that upsides of travelling FAR outweigh the downsides!!  

PLUS…. There are things you can do to help!  You can make some little tweaks that can help you enjoy your family vacation and keep everyone feeling great!

Luckily I am here to help 🙂

I have created 7 Healthy Travelling Tips So You Can Enjoy Your Family Vacation which you can grab here:

Let me know, where would be your dream vacation?

Take Care!


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