Moms: your body is talking to you, are you listening?


You know it’s funny…. our bodies talk to us….  

Did you know that?

The question is: “Are you listening?”

So, our bodies start by whispering, “Hey!  You:

  • are a bit tired”
  • don’t have the energy you used to”
  • aren’t sleeping like you used to”
  • don’t feel as clear mentally”
  • feel stiff and sore”

If you don’t listen to it whispering, it starts shouting….  And that is when you start seeing serious health problems.

Basically if you aren’t feeling awesome, then there is something out of balance.  

And what do people do?  Do we listen?

NO!  We mask it with coffee / energy drinks / pain relievers….

But if you can start listening to the whispers, then you can make some changes….  

Just think…  You wouldn’t fuel your car with energy drinks because it wouldn’t be able to run, think of your body the same way.

This is even more important when you are a mom because you want to be a good role model, you want to have the energy to have fun with your kids, you have a lot on the go so you need to have the energy and clarity to be able to do the things you want/need to do….

You need to fuel yourself so that your body can run optimally and you do this by giving it what it needs such as:

  • Real whole live foods
  • A good variety of nutrients
  • Water
  • Healthy fats
  • Movement
  • Healthy mindset
  • Etc.

So if you find that you aren’t feeling awesome then it is time to look at what you are fueling yourself with….  (One quick hint: many people are chronically dehydrated, so even increasing your water can help)

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