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I hear a lot of exhausted mom clients complain they don’t don’t understand why they just can’t go to bed earlier or get more sleep.

There are times when even I don’t sleep well because the kids wake up in the middle of the night or other reasons outside my control, and if that happens once in a while, I don’t worry too much about it. But if it’s happening all the time, that’s when I really try and think about what’s going on? Why am I not sleeping? You know?

I remember when I first had kids I would always find that I had one ear open, so even if I slept, if there was the littlest tiny noise or anything, I would be up up. You know? And I know I still probably still do this a little, but I feel much more rested.

If I’m not sleeping or if I am sleeping but I wake up and I’m not rested, then I try to reflect to find out what is going on? Because that shouldn’t happen, unless there’s a specific reason like your husband wakes you up snoring or your kids wake you up cause they had nightmare. That’s different. That’s situational.

But if it’s because you wake up at three o’clock every single morning or you do sleep through night but you still feel exhausted, then you need to ask yourself why this happens and be able to see patterns. For me, I usually sleep pretty well, but when I start to see something happening for awhile, I try and reflect and be self aware.

The reality is we should all feel awesome. If you’re not feeling awesome, why aren’t you feeling awesome? Are you aware of how you’re feeling? I know that if I’m tired or I lack energy or whatever, I’ve got certain tools in place that I know work for me. Like drinking more water, or getting out in the sunshine because anytime I go for a walk out in the sunshine I feel a million times better afterwards.

It’s about being self aware and learning what you need. This is something that I cover in “The 3 Things Keeping You Tired, Moody & Short Tempered & How To Turn It All Around Webinar” happening Tuesday night at 7:00pm EST and if you show up live you will get my copy of “How to get your kids to eat their supper without eating junk all of the time or making 3 meals every day” guide.

On this training, I promise to show you 3 big things:

  • The reason more sleep isn’t working
  • The 1-day plan that will get you back on track.
  • The foods that give you energy and how to use them
  • How using the myth of willpower is actually derailing you
  • How creating sustainable habits is the key to getting your energy back  
  • Plus a whole lot more…

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