One thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately from clients and friends is “I don’t have enough willpower or I just can't get motivated to make X change (eat better, exercise, etc.).”

Then they start to beat themselves up about it.

Is this you?  Do you do this?

If you do…  then stop it right now.

Stop beating yourself up for something that you have little control over!  

You know, humans don’t have a lot of willpower and if you are a Mama like I am, then your willpower is likely used up first thing in the morning just trying to get your kids out the door, right??

Then when you beat yourself up in your head because you should be able to eat better and exercise more and not eat junk food and drink more water, and stop drinking soft drinks and... and... and….

And this does you no good ‘cause when you beat yourself up like this, then you are making yourself more stress which is going to increase your cravings….  You are also focused on the cravings and what you can’t have which is only going to make you want them more.

You know something, I get it because even I have fallen into this trap on occasion….

Instead of trying to rely on willpower you are better off setting yourself up for success…

How do you do this?




Create habits that will just happen, like on auto-pilot (have you ever driven somewhere like home or work and realized you don’t really remember driving there?  That’s because it’s a habit)

Do you have to think about brushing your teeth every morning or do you just do it?

But here is the thing, you want to pick just 1 habit. Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew (pun intended).

So, tell me….  What is one habit you can create right away to set you up for success?



Take care,


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